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Frederick Spartans Joins Maryland League

We are thrilled to announce that Fredrick Spartans has officially become an Affiliate Club of the Maryland League!

Fredrick Spartans History

Fredrick Spartans already has roots in the local community with their dedication and impressive performances. They bring experience, a fresh perspective, and a passionate drive that promises to uplift the competitive spirit of the Maryland League. The club made an introduction with a milestone participation in the 2024 Morton Cup. 


"To push everyone to become better players "

Community Impact

As an Affiliate Club, Fredrick Spartans is committed to providing opportunities for young and adult players to paly at a high-level. Spartans have a goal to foster an environment where everyone on the team feels like family, offering support and encouragement to one another. Fredrick Spartan’s mission is to push everyone to become better players while keeping both young and adult members mentally and physically active for better health. Most importantly, they aim to bring our community together, allowing families to enjoy the best sport in the world.

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