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Greenville Joins Maryland League!

We are thrilled to announce that Greenville has officially become the eighth Member Club of Maryland League!


Established in 2024, Greenville started as a fun idea among a group of childhood friends and has now turned into a passionate endeavor to showcase their skills and chemistry on the pitch. Greenville’s journey began with casual kickabouts in the local park, and now they are keen to take on the challenge of the Maryland League. Confident in their strong bond and shared passion for the game, they are sure their matches will be exciting and memorable.

💚🟢Greenville Tag Line

“Vamos Verde!” 

Community Impact

Greenville’s community impact extends far beyond their the field. Their journey from casual park kickabouts to competing in the Maryland League has inspired many in the local area, demonstrating the power of dedication, teamwork, and passion.  Greenville has become a beacon of positive influence, encouraging young athletes to pursue their dreams and stay active.

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Greenville Joins Maryland League!