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Maryland League Summer 2024 Match Regulations

Maryland League Summer 2024 Match Regulations are designed to ensure fair play, safety, and the smooth operation of the league. Adherence to these regulations will help maintain the integrity of the competition and provide a thrilling experience for participants and spectators alike. 

Match Length

2 x 45-minute halves plus stoppage time.
15 minute half-time break  

Match Ball

Size 5 
Fifa Quality Pro 

Player Eligibility

All rostered players must complete player registration within the transfer/registration window to be eligible to play on matchday.

If a team is found to have fielded an ineligible player, the match will be awarded to the opposition, and the offending team may face additional penalties as decided by the league committee.

Matchday Squad

Maximum of 22 players

11 on filed players 

11 on the bench 


Teams are allowed 11 substitutions during the game but they can only pause the game 5 time to do so.

The substituted player must leave the field before the substitute can enter 

Once a player is substituted, they are not allowed to re-enter the game.

Point Allocation


3 points


0 points


1 point each for both teams (Group Stage only)

Playoff Point Allocation

If a match ends in a draw during the playoffs, then the game will go directly to a penalty shootout to determine the winner. The winner of the penalty shootout is awarded the win and 3 points, while the losing team is awarded 0 points.

Recording Results

Results will be recorded in the format of W-D-L (Wins-Draws-Losses).

Match Abandonment

If a match is abandoned, the league committee will decide the outcome based on the circumstances leading to the abandonment.

Sorting Order for League Position


Goal Difference

Number of wins

Goals Scored

Head-to-head results

Disciplinary Rules

Maryland League fines clubs for various infractions, such as red card dismissals, unsportsmanlike behavior, forfeits, and other disciplinary issues.

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Maryland League Summer 2024 Match Regulations