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Table of Contents

Pirates Joins Maryland League

We are thrilled to announce that Pirates has set sail and has officially become the second Memeber Club of the Maryland League!

Pirates History

Hoist the colors and ready the cannons, because this fresh-faced club is ready to make waves in the world of soccer. Founded in the year 2024, Pirates FC brings a breath of salty sea air to the Maryland League, with a crew of passionate and spirited players they are eager to raise the anchor and set sail for the high seas of Maryland League.


"Sea No Evil!"

Community Impact

Born from the dreams of local soccer enthusiasts, Pirates FC sets its sights on more than just victory on the pitch; they join the Maryland League to forge a legacy. As they aim to carve their name into the annals of Maryland soccer history. Fearless, adventurous, and always ready for a challenge, these buccaneers bring a unique flair to the beautiful game. 


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About Pirates Joins Maryland League.