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Our Innovative Crowdsourced Prize Money System

Maryland League operates on a staggered prize system instead of a winner-takes-all approach. This ensures that every member club receives support for their development, fostering stability and encouraging long-term investment in the league and the sport as a whole.

Current Season Prize Money

Crowdsourced Prize Money Pool
$ 0

Prize Money Allocation

Each season, teams are awarded prize money according to their final position in the league. The Prize Money Pool resets at the end of each season. As the league expands, so too does the pool of funds available to distribute among member clubs, ensuring that success and participation are always duly recognized and rewarded.

1st Place
Prize Money Allocation 21%
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
Other accolades (Fair play award, top scorer, etc.)

For example, if the prize money pool is $10,000, the champion would receive $2,100, runners-up would receive $1,900, 3rd place $1,600, 4th place $1,400, 5th place $1,000, 6th place $700, 7th place $500, 8th place $300, and $500 would be distributed to players and clubs for other accolades.*

Ways to Raise the Prize Pool Total

For every dollar the league collects money for team registration, player registration, player/manager/club fines, and merchandise sales, a portion of that dollar goes into the prize pool total.

Member Club and League Merchandise

As part of their membership, Maryland League provides a fully-managed platform for amateur and semi-professional clubs and teams to promote and sell their merchandise.

For every $1 made in member club merchandise sales through the online store:

  • 50¢ goes to the member club directly
  • 30¢ are added to the Prize Pool Total
  • 20¢ are taken for processing costs

For example, Team A sold 3 fan shirts through the Maryland League store for $20 each. Team A will receive $30 directly for making the sale, and the Prize Pool Total will be raised by $18.*

Maryland League Member Club Merchandise Sales Commission Breakdown


Booster Prize Money Pool Allocation
Prize Money Pool Allocation 95%

Fans can purchase Maryland League Boosters to directly add funds to the Prize Pool Total and support the development of the game and local soccer clubs.

All Booster revenues, minus a 5% processing fee, go directly into the Prize Pool Total and are paid out to the member clubs and players at the end of the season.

Fans who purchase Maryland League Boosters will receive an exclusive badge on their Maryland League profile to show off their commitment to the development of soccer in Maryland.

Player Registration

The minimum required roster size is 15.

For every $1 made in player registrations over the minimum of 15 players:

  • 25¢ are added to the Prize Pool Total

For example, Player A is Team B’s 16th player on the roster. Out of the $30 player registration fee, $7.50 will be added to the Prize Pool Total.*

Another example: if there are eight member clubs competing, each registering 30-player squads, the Prize Pool Total will be increased by $900.00 for member clubs to earn.*

Disciplinary Fines

Maryland League fines clubs for indiscipline, unsportsmanlike behavior, and match forfeitures. 

80% of all revenues collected in disciplinary fines will go directly towards the Prize Money Pool.

For example, a club may be fined $50 for a straight red card dismissal – $40 will now be added to the Prize Money Pool.*

Combines, Tryouts and Other Events

10% of all Combine, Tryout, and/or Other Event sales go towards the current Prize Money Pool.


Sponsorships and partnerships will significantly contribute to the Prize Money Pool total.

* All examples do not include any applicable sales tax and/or payment processing fees and are for demonstration purposes only. The final payout is to be split into the aforementioned divisions after all associated transaction fees have been paid.

Prize Money Log

For transparency, integrity, and fairness, all additions to the prize pool are documented in the Prize Money Log for clubs, players, and fans to see.

Summer 2024 Money Prize Pool Log