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Pitch Techs Joins Maryland League

Established in 2024, the Pitch Techs were started by a group of passionate players who came together for pickup games. Their shared love for the sport and commitment to excellence has propelled them to form a competitive squad.

Pirates Joins Maryland League

Born from the dreams of local soccer enthusiasts, Pirates FC sets its sights on more than just victory on the pitch; they’re here to forge a legacy. With every kick, pass, and goal, they aim to carve their name into the annals of Maryland soccer history. From the humble beginnings of a fledgling team to the fierce competitors they’re destined to become, every match promises excitement, drama, and a healthy dose of swashbuckling action!

Lions Joins Maryland League

Lions was established in 2020 by a group of passionate soccer enthusiasts with a shared vision of providing young and ambitious players a platform to showcase their talents and skills at a competitive level. The club was born out of a desire to bring high-quality soccer to the Columbia area while fostering a sense of community and cultural pride.

Blesssed Joins Maryland League

Blesssed FC is a family oriented team based out of silver spring Maryland. We are dedicated to providing our players the opportunity to develop their skills by competing in competitive leagues throughout the DMV. Our team consists of individuals who have a strong passion for the game and are always ready to compete whenever we step on the pitch.

Glenmont Joins Maryland League

Founded in 2000 and rebranded in 2022, Glenmont FC, rooted in the heart of Silver Spring, Maryland, has been making waves across the east coast for over a decade. Known for their unwavering sportsmanship, deep respect for the beautiful game, and competitive spirit, Glenmont FC is a team that truly embodies the essence of soccer.

Frederick Skyline Joins Maryland League

Skyline Sports Union is trying to build not just a team but a family within our community with soccer by bringing a youth club with the opportunity to play the worlds game at an affordable rate breaking the “pay to play” motto. Affordable soccer is doable!

AC Imperio Joins Maryland League

Founded in 2023, AC Imperio has already made waves in the local sports community with their dedication and impressive performances. They bring a fresh perspective and a passionate drive that promises to uplift the competitive spirit of the Maryland League.

Frederick Kings Joins Maryland League

Frederick Kings FC focuses on developing and nurturing talents to reach their maximum potential while creating an exciting game day experience for youth players. By this, we have created an engaging opportunity for the youth, which in the long run has supported the community’s goal of preventing youth crimes and enhancing good health through physical activities. We guide our players to secure college scholarships, build resumes and secure jobs.